About Us

Welcome to crypto-investors. Discover us and what we do in video !

Our company SWISS CRYPTO INVESTMENT SA, based in Versoix, Switzerland, offers you the opportunity to invest in the cryptomonetary trading business called Mining.

Our Mining cloud allows you to invest in a French mining, transparent, reliable, sustainable and profitable.

Legal Mining

Invoice and contract after purchase

Optimized Environment

Natural cooling more than 8 months a year, heat recovery/sale network close to our farm, low electricity cost

Gains Maximized

Hardware programmed to be as efficient as possible

Secured Equipment

Our farm is located in a difficult and secure area

Visitable Farm

On request at events

Our Plans

Start Miner


  • Duration : 12 month
  • Power : 1 part
  • Starting after : 45 Days
  • Daily gains estimate : 5€ to 15€ per month

Agent Miner


  • Duration : 24 month
  • Power : 2 parts
  • Starting after : 45 Days
  • Daily gains estimate : 10€ to 30€ per month

Pro Miner


  • Duration : 30 month
  • Power : 4 parts
  • Starting after : 45 Days
  • Daily gains estimate : 20€ to 60€ per month

Boss Miner


  • Duration : Lifetime
  • Power : 7 parts
  • Starting after : 45 Days
  • Daily gains estimate : 33€ to 120€ per month

Parts Includes

When you buy a contract you rent a piece of Rig composed of 8 GTX 1070 graphics cards, each Rig is optimized and thanks to an Auto-Switch system the Rig undermines the most profitable crypto-currency of the moment. Each share gives the right to a power of : 0.457MH/s etash or 7.34 Sol/s Equihash or 0.685 MH/s Lyra2rev2 or 0.009 KH/s CryptoNight or 0.028 MH/s Lyra2Z or 0.028GH/s Sia or 0.042 MH/s Decred or 0.0042 GH/s Lbry or 0.6 MH/s Nist or 0.057 GH/s Blake2s or 0.11 MH/s XR16 with an average mining distributed as follows :

  • 60% S9
  • 20% Rig
  • 10% L3
  • 10% D3

Company Roadmap

April 2018

Creation of the company !

 May 2018

Pre-Launch. Work in Progress !


 June 2018

End of farm Work. New Contracts


 July 2018

Official Launch. First Gains !

 August 2018

Events preparations


September 2018

First Visits of Farms


Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are

SWISS CRYPTO INVESTMENT AG (Crypto-investors) is a Swiss investment company with a capital of CHF 300,000 (https://www.moneyhouse.ch/fr/company/parfimedi-holding-sa-6624693031) and an administration, design & developper and maintenance team of more than 10 employees worldwide.

Born from an alliance between a French design team competent in the manufacture, optimization and maintenance of mining farms and a Swiss team competent in investment. Crypto-investors wants to be a perfect alliance between security, durability and profitability.

Its founder, Fabrice Goncalves, is a passionate investor who has also chaired a Swiss Fiduciary for over 10 years. Crypto-currencies being the perfect domain to invest and undertake the question of a Company such as ours never arose for him: it was an evidence!

Today Crypto-investors allows you to invest in crypto-money mining contracts.

What is our concept ?

Our concept is a new kind of Cloud Mining:

– More transparent with the list and number of different mining materials, the amount of different works, approximate location of the mining farm, visit the farm, forecasts.

– More profitability with a strategy of investment and diversification of the material, the choice of the best electric preparations for more longevity and a farm present in a place ultra favorable to mining with a low electric cost and an optimal natural cooling.

Beyond profitability and transparency, our concept is to make our Cloud Mining your project

What is crypto-mining?

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized virtual currency that can pass from person A to person B without an intermediary.

Mining is used to authenticate and secure crypto-currency transactions. For having done this work the machine is rewarded in crypto-money.

It is a powerful server capable of performing complex calculations on a dedicated algorithm to authenticate and secure crypto-monetary transactions.

What are our mining contracts ?

Our contracts are leases of different types of mining machines. The machines are chosen by us thanks to a complete investment strategy aiming at a diversification of the material. This reduces the risk of losses and maximizes gains.

We offer 4 types of contracts: 75€ (12 months), 150€ (24 months), 300€ (30 months), 500€ (lifetime).

How to buy a contract ?

You can buy one or more contracts on your customer space.

Step 1: Register and confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the email sent to your address.

Step 2: Login

Go to the “Make a deposit” section and choose the payment method of your choice. BTC, PayPal, CB Mastercard and Bank Transfer are available. Choose the amount you want to put on your account and follow the instructions.

Step 3: once your account is credited in euros you can go to “Buy contracts” and buy the contract or contracts of your choice in just 4 clicks!

How much does a contract bring ?

We estimate an annual average between 10% and 20% per month (in euros) for each of the contracts offered.

This means that we estimate an average return on investment of 100€ to 200€ for 1 000€ of contract.

Only the durations change, the earnings for 1€ of investment remain the same for each contract!

Example :

1€ pays: 0.01 BTC per day

A 50€ contract brings in 50*0.01 BTC per day

Is it legal to buy contracts ?

Our contracts give you the right to total legality: each contract purchase gives you the right to a legal invoice as well as a tailor-made contract to sign.

You can download and view your counter contract and your invoice in your customer area under “My investments”.

Where is the mining farm located ?

The current mining farm is in France around the French-Luxembourg border. We cannot reveal the exact address of the farm for security reasons.

The location of the current farm is not insignificant, it allows us to be close to a large source of electricity but also to have a relatively cold climate throughout the year.

Can we visit the mining farm ?

Yes It is possible during certain dates that we will announce throughout the year. An appointment point will be set and a confidentiality clause will be signed to protect the exact address of the farm.

Do I need to perform an identity check ?

Not at the moment but it is possible that our Bank will ask us for one for all our customers during the year.

Can we sponsor ?

Yes thanks to your referral link in your customer area in the “Referral & link” section.

The godfather is rewarded by 8% of the deposit of the godson.

Commissions are not withdrawable they just allow you to have more power/contract.

A career plan is also available and this time allows you to have directly withdrawable bonuses.

Can I register without a sponsor ?

Yes, sponsorship is not mandatory.