Our DataCenter

Our Features

24/7 Technical Support

We answer all your questions in less than 48 hours.


Low fees and our Data center is optimized for a maximal profitability

Installation & Setup fee

We install and program the hardware optimally and free of charge.

Heat Produced sale

Project of sale of the heat produced by our machines

100% Work Transparency

You can see and visit our Mining Farm

Natural cooling

Natural cooling 8 months a year

New Electric Preparation

Our electrical preparation is completely new, each element of our electrical preparation (even the plugs or the fire-fighting system) are completely new. This ensures maximum safety and stable electrical current increasing the life of our machines.

Optimized Material

Our equipment is optimized to consume less and produce more without endangering the capacity of the machine. This maximizes profitability without reducing the life of our machines!

Investment Strategy

Our material is chosen and tested by us. We follow an investment and diversification strategy to reduce the risk of loss and maximize your earnings.

Invoice and Contract

The purchase of a contract gives you the right to an invoice and a contract to sign. This gives you maximum legality and legitimacy.